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We are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to be a part of Jacksonville Aquarium. We invite you to make a contribution to name one of our upcoming exhibits, galleries or learning spaces throughout the facility. You can leave a lasting mark by commemorating a loved one, celebrating a special occasion or showing your dedication to the Aquarium by naming an exhibit. 

Your commitment—shared through a naming opportunity—to Jacksonville Aquarium will inspire others to join us and ensure the development of our Aquarium

Make a lasting impact

By naming an exhibit you will receive the following:

  • Naming opportunities will last for as long as the enclosure/building is standing.
  • Complimentary Executive Membership
  • Your name/logo on exhibit signage and facility maps
  • Scale replica of exhibit sponsored for your office
  • Early previews of the aquarium
  • And much more…
Example of signage:

Currently available:


Open Ocean Gallery—This centerpiece exhibit contains our largest sharks and other species
found in the ocean beyond the shore of Jacksonville. This exhibit includes four sandbar sharks—getting up to 8 feet long. This
main exhibit will feature an interactive kiosk, digital ID screens and a tank with 11-foot-high acrylic walls and 10 6-foot high individual viewing panels. This helps in creating an educational and immersive experience. This exhibit is will also host as a popular venue for private dinners and receptions.


Sharks and Rays Exhibit —This dramatic exhibit contains our smaller sharks species and our cownose rays. This
exhibit will feature an interactive kiosk, digital ID screens, and interactive diver talks. Helping in creating an educational and immersive experience that challenges the traditional image of sharks as bloodthirsty predators. See the sharks and rays through a 20-foot-long acrylic wall. This exhibit will also host as a popular venue for private dinners and receptions being in largest visitor section of the aquarium.


Oceans Lab—The Oceans Lab is a premier lab that will host all of our in-house experiments. It will also display to the public our coral restoration efforts with room for over 400 coral frags that will be grown and planted onto Florida Keys reefs. The facility will also support over 60 different tanks that will host experiments and breeding done by the aquarist team and college students. Five floor to ceiling acrylic windows allow visitors to experience the lab and get a view of behind the scenes making it a popular area.


Ray Bay— This 7,000 gallon tank will be the transition of Open Oceans into Costal Adventures. Allowing a space for juvenile cownose rays to grow up before entering Elasmobranch Exploration. Also bamboo and epaulette sharks will call this tank home. As a touch tank guest can touch, carefully, our rays and shark species allowing for a close and personal experience. This will help create lasting memories and spark learning opportunities.



Center Ray



Koi Pond- One of our few outdoor exhibits. This large Koi pond will feature large Koi and goldfish. The relaxing environment and scene of a traditional Japanese koi pond makes this a great area to take a break from walking and to relax for some time.

$10,000- 20 Available

500-1000 Gallon tanks— The most abundant types of tanks that will be in the aquarium. With the choice of deep ocean, Pacific reef, Atlantic reef and Freshwater tanks. These tanks highlight education and conservation of ecosystems across the globe.

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